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iUniverse congratulates 2012 London Book Festival winner Julia Ibbotson

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iUniverse author Julia Ibbotson has just won the prestigious 2012 London Book Festival Biography prize for her excellent memoir, “The Old Rectory: Escape to a Country Kitchen.” This book is a complete departure from the first book that Julia self-published with iUniverse, this being the academically acclaimed “Talking the Walk: Should CEOs Think More about Sex?”, which Julia wrote in her professional capacity as Dr Julia Helene Ibbotson PhD, FHEA, renowned academic, researcher and writer.

This book takes an in depth view of the reasons why professional women are not achieving the success they desire and suggests ways that the situation can be changed. Evidence in this book looks at the possibility that there are gender differences in the way men and women managers talk in the workplace, which have the effect of undermining women’s chances of promotion to higher leadership positions. In other words, do women “talk the walk”? And should CEOs think more carefully about the gender balance of their management and leadership teams so that they can create more effective working groups fit for the economic issues of the twenty first century?

And what Dr Julia’s contemporaries say:

“…an excellent piece of work” – Professor David Young

“…a very talented teacher, writer and leading academic..positive and inspiring..” - Dr Deirdre Hughes

“a lifetime of experience and insight…a timely and ongoing challenge, a valid contribution to the debate” – Professor Marie Parker-Jenkins

“invaluable to those wishing to challenge and transform the current management culture…in a style that is accessible and engaging to the general reader” – Professor Elaine Millard

Back to the award winning book, which is as I said is a complete subject change for the author. This is Julia’s memoir of the trials and tribulations she experienced during the renovation of the Victorian rectory that she and her husband fell in love with at first sight. The move to the rectory, in the midst of the English moors, represented both a change of lifestyle and a challenge for the couple as they struggled to transform their home and become accepted by their new village neighbors.

The Old Rectory also highlights how the kitchen became the heartbeat of this period in the family’s lives and the author demonstrates how food and cooking were so important to them as they labored to fulfill their dreams.

“A delightful read. I urge you to sip a cup of tea and sit by the fireplace. You won’t get up until you finish this charming book by Julia Ibbotson.” - Nancy Mills, founder and publisher, The

“… In this beautiful tale of love, dreams and hidden gems, Julia includes comforting recipes along with delightful anecdotes that prove that if it is true that home is really where the heart is, then Julia and her husband have found just that in their beloved Victorian rectory.”
- Vicky DeCoster, author of From Diapers to Dorkville, Husbands, Hot Flushes and All That Hullabaloo, and The Wacky World of Womanhood”

About the Author

Julia Ibbotson is an extremely busy lady with many strings to her bow. As well as being a senior university lecturer in education, she is a researcher and, of course, a published author. She also runs her own consultancy which offers editorial, proof reading and advisory services for both academic and creative writers. So to get to know more about this award winning iUniverse author visit her at

Or even better still buy her book!

iUniverse blog thanks Julia for allowing us to put her in the spotlight and looks forward to receiving more literary contributions from her.


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