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iUniverse talks Oil and Politics with Raymond Learsy: Part Two

Source: iUniverse Author Focus
iUniverse publishing recently talked to rising star author and Huffington Post writer about his books and what he thinks of self-publishing. See what he said in Part One and then look here.

How did you become a writer for the Huffington Post?

Arianna Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post had read my first book, “Over a Barrel” shortly before starting up the Huffington Post late in 2005. We met and she asked me if I would write for the Huffington Post. I did, and have become a regular contributor to the Huffington Post ever since.

Who will your book appeal to?

My book is aimed at a general public that has followed the events in the oil and financial sectors over the past years and is wondering how we got to where we are, what role has government played and why the answers provided by the press are so unsatisfactory to realities at hand.

How has your book been received by the public?

The book has been received well, but it has spanned too broad a period (2006-2010) for readers to gain clear focus on the issues prevailing, especially given the hectic and changing circumstances toward the end of the period. This will be remedied by my next book which will be far more focused on the issues at hand.

What is the one point you would like to put across to your readers?

That the solution to the problems we are facing on these issues is in your hands. Our government and its agencies, the oil industry itself, nor the financial sector will not change behavior unless there is a sustained public outcry conveying the message “ENOUGH.”

Is there another book in the pipeline?

Yes, as mentioned above I expect to come out with another book focusing on 2010 and 2011 going into greater and more pointed focus on the issues that have been particularly significant relating to the world of finance and oil, its impact on government, the economy and foreign policy.

What advice can you give to other iUniverse authors?

Focus on content. iUniverse will do the needful in making your book an attractive and professional package.

How did you market your book after its release?

By engaging a professional PR firm that had contacts to those in the media who had an interest in, and covered these issues.

What’s the most successful piece of marketing you did?

By creating my own web site,

Any advice for iUniverse authors who want to promote their books?

iUniverse does an excellent job, professionally and with good personal interface. iUniverse personnel are happy to help and give good advice. Importantly for me was getting the book to market quickly because it was time sensitive, an issue which publishing houses are too often unable to accommodate.

How did you discover iUniverse?

Through friends who were well connected to the publishing field.

What made you choose iUniverse?

They offered a comprehensive service which I needed to get the book out. While also being well introduced to the field.

What was your favorite part of the iUniverse publishing experience?

The interface with editorial staff, and the efficiency with which they proofread my text.

Would you recommend iUniverse?

Yes, of course.

What’s the most important thing to consider when choosing a self-publishing company?

Can they respond to your aims and needs, and are they equipped to handle your book professionally.

What should writers prepare for when planning to self-publish?

Be able to convey your aims and target audience clearly.

Many thanks

iUniverse say thank you to Raymond and wishes him every success with his book.


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