Friday, March 29, 2013

Bill Noel: Folly Beach Mysteries Highly Acclaimed – Part 6

Source: iUniverse Author Focus
iUniverse publishing concludes its interview with Star Author Bill Noel who gives aspiring authors tips on self-publishing and writing. Also see the latest book in his series Folly Beach Mysteries, “Missing”.

iUniverse: Do you have any advice for fiction authors who are considering self-publishing?

Noel: First, don’t rush to publish. Focus on making sure your novel is as good as you can make it before submitting it to anyone.

Second, do not count on friends or family to edit your work. Take advantage of the editing services available through most self-publishing companies. Many of their editors are freelancers who work for traditional publishers as well as self-publishing companies. Be prepared to be thick-skinned; professional editors know their business and can objectively review your work and I can almost guarantee you that most, if not all, of their suggestions will improve your novel.

Third, research the companies you are considering; not all self-publishing companies are created equal. And, finally, savor the moment your book is published. Many people talk about writing a book but very few will. You’re the rare exception. Congratulations!

iUniverse: Do you have a mantra or philosophy that helps you with your writing?

Noel: At first, I was writing only for myself. I simply wanted to see if I could write a novel. Now, I am mainly writing for my readers. There is much pain and suffering in this world. The Folly Beach Mysteries are designed to be an escape, a chance for the reader to escape the real world and take a trip, an adventure, with the characters I have created. Deep thinking not required.

iUniverse: How have you found working with iUniverse? Would you recommend them to other authors?

Noel: I have had a wonderful relationship with iUniverse over the last five years. The various people I have worked with have been exceptionally helpful, clearly understood publishing, and went out of their way to ensure my goals were identified and addressed. Has the relationship been perfect? No, but show me the perfect five year relationship of any kind and…never mind, I bet you can’t show me one. There have been a few minor bumps in the road, but to me, the true test of a quality company is how it addresses these bumps. iUniverse met or exceeded my expectations with each book.

Yes, I can highly recommend iUniverse to authors in search of a publisher.


All authors these days face the challenge of marketing their books, but Mr. Noel’s example shows that it’s only by dedicating time and effort into marketing can success be made. His example of taking his time and not rushing into publication, instead concentrating on writing that perfect book, is a good strategy. Of course self-published books need to be expertly edited as well. iUniverse Publishing would like to thank Bill for his valuable insights and remind readers that his titles are available for purchase on the iUniverse bookstore.


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