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iUniverse Tips on How To Market Your Books – Part 3

Here’s another installment of iUniverse tips on how to market your books.

Offering e-books online and doing book signings

There are many ways to get low-cost publicity for your book. In this article, we will present tips on offering e-books online and doing book signings.

Book Marketing  
Benefits of offering e-books online

There are a number of benefits to offering e-books online. People are spending more time with a computer and less time reading actual books these days, so offering your book in e-book form can attract more readers.

People can find anything they are looking for in an e-book very quickly because they are searchable. They are also portable, so people can easily carry lots of books around with them.

People can adjust the fonts on e-books, so the elderly can read them despite vision impairments, and e-books are available online at any time which is a definite benefit to the homebound who can’t make trips to the library or the bookstore conveniently.

You can update your e-book, correct mistakes and add or delete information easily.

Posting your book online in e-book format can make it more attractive and much easier to access which, in turn, can boost sales.

Book Signings

Having a book signing is a great way to gain publicity for your book. We are just going to offer a few tips on book signings here. You can find out more about them by doing an online search.

Make sure it’s publicized

You want to make sure that your book signing event is well publicized to ensure maximum attendance. You can do this through advertising at the venue or through press releases to local print, radio and television media outlets. It’s also a good idea to arrange for radio and/or TV interviews to promote your event.


Book signings are usually held at bookstores or libraries. Be sure to have enough chairs at your event. It’s always better to have too many than too few.


At a book signing, it’s a good idea to provide attendees with cards on which they can write their names, so you will know how to spell them correctly. They can also write what they want you to say when you sign their books.

Be sure to have plenty of books available in case you make a lot of sales. Other useful items to have on hand are colorful bookmarks with any endorsements your book may have written on them. Also include your contact information, the price of the book and the ISBN number. Give a bookmark to everyone who attends.


Before the signing, you can give a book reading of certain sections of your book to pique people’s interest. After the signing, you can have a book giveaway or lottery to get people to stay until the end.

Try to meet the bookstore manager or librarian at your venue before the signing and be personable with them. Also remember to be friendly with your fans. You want them to think of you fondly, and you want to leave a good impression.

Future Articles on Marketing

This article is Part 3 of a series of articles on marketing your book. In future articles, we will be offering you more advice about doing radio interviews, entering writing competitions and other ideas.

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