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And God Said, “Let’s Babel”

And God Said, “Let’s Babel”

The Bible as Cross-Cultural Communication

By Philip McCarty

Published: 1/2/2013

Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)

Pages: 136

Size: 6x9

ISBN: 978-1-47596-558-2

Print Type: B/W


While the ideal method of interpreting the Bible stirs great debate among theologians, seminarians, and intellectuals, average people living in a multicultural world are typically not very concerned with these debates; they just want to know how to understand the Bible. Led by the belief that God desires to communicate with each group in a culturally relevant and understandable way, author Philip McCarty offers a unique perspective as he examines the Bible as a cross-cultural text designed to speak to all people.

McCarty, who earned degrees in Bible, religious education in pastoral studies, and Christian thought, begins with an in-depth analysis of the Bible and the role that translations play in communicating to multiple cultures. As he moves into a careful examination of the basics of hermeneutics and the ways in which God communicates with humans, McCarty encourages students of Scripture to ask the right questions and obtain the right answers. Finally, McCarty discusses why the Bible continues to be a pillar of the church community’s culture and how its scripture connects to each individual.

And God Said, “Let’s Babel” offers valuable insight into why the Bible is a cross-cultural document, how that affects the church as a whole, and what all this knowledge means to spiritual seekers around the world.

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