Monday, June 3, 2013

iUniverse Author David Simpson talks 1 on 1 Singularity

iUniverse reviews David-Simpson
iUniverse reviews says imagine a world where an IQ of 200 is possible for everyone through biological augmentation; where travel from Mars to Earth is just a routine commute.

iUniverse self-published author David Simpson’s Post-Human trilogy tracks the fate of humanity in the not too distant future. The novel is a thrilling read and introduces readers to imagine the world as humans embrace technological enhancement.

He tackles issues which many prominent futurists and trans-humanists discuss through a lens of fiction in his exciting sci-fi novels. Simpson was interviewed on 1 on 1 Singularity with Socrates discussing his iUniverse published novels including Trans-Human, Post Human, and The God Killers.

Catch the full interview HERE.


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