Monday, June 3, 2013

iUniverse Author Pilar Lastra beats insecurities

iUniverse Author Pilar Lastra
iUniverse self-published author Pilar Lastra appears very confident under the limelight that is LA, but it would be presumptuous to assume that she didn’t struggle with the same insecurities while writing her book that almost every other writer struggles with.

iUniverse rising star award The iUniverse Rising Star author of Treat Me Like Your Car is here to remind us that she is no different than countless other authors, musicians, or painters, who struggle with many of the same issues: having confidence in their voice, following their muse to the end and bringing it to completion, and finally effectively marketing and selling their finished work.

In this post, she tackles conquering your insecurities, taking charge of your success, and reminds us that being well known in LA and having your own radio audience is still not enough. If you want to be successful as a self-published author you have to hustle.

Ms. Lastra discusses with iUniverse publishing her struggle to find confidence as a writer, and what it takes to sell books here


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