Friday, June 14, 2013

iUniverse “Carnival Queen” is a star with BlueInk Review

iUniverse Carnival Queen
iUniverse acknowledges the respect and standing that BlueInk Review has so quickly achieved in the book publishing world, and is pleased to publish the review of another iUniverse title, “Carnival Queen” by debut iUniverse self-published author and artist Roland P. Joseph which has attained a BlueInk Review star.

Carnival Queen by Roland P. Joseph

Roland P. Joseph chose the perfect title for his debut novel.Carnival is a word that evokes images of color and fantasy, as well as a promise of the unexpected.

Carnival Queen is the story of Annabelle Castello and her family. It spans seven decades and several generations, and is woven amidst the lush landscape of the author’s own Trinidad and Tobago.

Annabelle is born to a poor, working class family in Bristol Village, but she dreams of a much bigger life with the handsome young man who works for her father, George. Annabelle believes she is destined to be with Ricardo, but George has other plans. He wants his precious Annabelle to escape her drab life in the village, so he sends her away to the big city.

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