Thursday, June 6, 2013

iUniverse Post-Publishing Tips: How to Create Your Own Publicity

In today’s media-saturated culture, it can be challenging for an author to get noticed. So how do you go about creating your own publicity, and driving awareness of you and your books? Try these techniques….

YouTube: Make a trailer. Almost everyone has access to a camera that takes video and editing software like Microsoft movie maker on their computer. Keep it simple, and don’t go overboard with effects. Upload it, and tweet the link to your video, and share it on your Facebook page and your blog. Be sure to add plenty of relevant keywords, so that people will find it when they search for other related topics.

Podcast: Have you ever wanted to host a radio show? To record and produce a show is both technically and financially feasible. Even a very modest microphone will make an acceptable recording. Consider producing a podcast or an Internet radio show. This is fun, lends authority to your work, and is easy to spread via podcasts and Web links. By effectively harnessing your social media contacts and search engines, you will get exposure.

How can you get noticed in a world where hundreds of thousands of books are being released? iUniverse Writer’s Tips tells you How to Create Your Own Publicity


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