Saturday, June 22, 2013

iUniverse Publishing Presents 35 Ways on How To Describe Eating

Eat There are many ways to describe ingesting nourishment. iUniverse offers 35 synonyms for “eat” along with their definitions. We have included many slang terms for eating as well.

  1. Banquet – partaking of a large formal meal for many people
  2. Bite – to use your teeth to cut into something or someone
  3. Bolt (down) – to eat food very quickly
  4. Break bread – to eat a meal
  5. Chew – to crush food into smaller, softer pieces with the teeth so that it can be swallowed
  6. Chow (down) – to eat
  7. Cram – to force a lot of things into a small space
  8. Devour – to eat something eagerly and in large amounts so that nothing is left
  9. Dine – to eat the main meal of the day, usually in the evening
  10. Dispose of – to get rid of something
  11. Fall to – to begin doing something energetically
  12. Feast on/upon – to eat a lot of something
  13. Feed on/upon – to eat
  14. Gobble (up) – to eat food too fast
  15. Gorge oneself – to stuff yourself with food

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