Saturday, June 29, 2013

iUniverse Rising Star Author Lisa K. Drucker Part 3

iUniverse blog guest author, Rising Star Lisa K. Drucker takes us through the third part of her series detailing her approach to the writing process and book creation. In this article iUniverse rising star award Lisa takes us through how she approaches the next step after characters have been developed – Establishing a point of view.

Creating a Book – Establishing Point of View

iUniverse Point of View “Establishing the point of view (POV) of your main character or multiple characters is also a critical aspect of creating a book. Once all the characters are developed, establishing point of view is the next important step. Think about some essential questions before deciding on POV:

  • Is the POV of the protagonist (main character) the only one necessary?
  • Do other characters’ POVs impact the story?
  • Do I want readers to understand the antagonist (protagonist’s main foe)?

Unless the protagonist is the only character whose POV drives the story (and who readers should identify with), third person (window to multiple characters’ POVs) is the best option. (Using the protagonist’s POV makes the narrative first person: “I”, “me”, “my”.)

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