Tuesday, June 11, 2013

iUniverse tips on How To Use Punctuation

Colons Each miniscule punctuation mark finds its home in a flurry of words and leaves a statement in a written piece like colors and furniture in a room’s interior. A missing or misplaced full stop, colon, semi-colon, or exclamation mark is like a jumble of hues or furnishings in a house with no definite interior design. iUniverse gives you pointers on how to use these small wonders of the written language.

To tell a good story doesn’t require a mastery of grammar, only a good editor. But the world’s best writers know the power that comes from mastering the language and harnessing the power of punctuation. You can’t write what you mean, if you cannot express to the reader the intention of your prose.

Punctuation can be appreciated as technique which when used well adds power and depth to your utterances, rather than a matter of rote correctness. All of the best artists learn the rules and break them for effect; writers are no different. So plunge in, exploit the punctuation to your and your reader’s advantage.

We hope these tips will help you master the use of punctuation marks in your writing. For more tips, visit iUniverse Writer’s Tip website.


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