Wednesday, July 24, 2013

iUniverse Author Mike Kohler makes a plea for more clarity

iUniverse author Mike Kohler
iUniverse recently talked to author Mike Kohler who had posted some interesting items on the iUniverse Publishing Facebook page. As his bio says Mike was born in 1948 and has lived a varied and unique life, in which he has found the magic that binds it all together and now he wants to share that magic with all through his books. However he has a few frustrations with the modern day processes. We leave it to Mike:

Proud of his iUniverse books.

“I will start this by telling all that I am not a Rhodes Scholar, or even close to a Pulitzer Award, but I have something that many share with me, confusion!

I am new, as far as being a published author, however I now have three books, The Valley, The Keepers Children: The Realm and The Challenge of Palakrine, all self-published through iUniverse. These are the first three books of an eight book series and I am proud of them. They aren’t perfect by a long shot, but their mine.”

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