Thursday, July 11, 2013

iUniverse self-published Author Bill Pottle

iUniverse Dreamquest
iUniverse blog was in contact with Bill Pottle, the other day who after self-publishing his first book, “Dreamquest”, with iUniverse has made the journey across to a “traditional” publishing company. We congratulate Bill on his success and thank him for both publishing his first book with us and for his candid assessment of the current publishing environment and our role in that.

Here is a taster from Bill:-

How I went from being a POD author to landing a traditional publishing contract:- (It’s not as impossible as it seems)

“This post and the ones that follow describe how I went from being a POD author to gaining a traditional publishing contract. It is a journey that has taken several years, but could be done much faster with more time dedicated to writing and promoting. This is, of course, unique to my situation, but hopefully the principles will aid other writers as well.

I’ve always loved to write. I started work on my first book, DreamQuest, in 1991 when I was in 6th grade. During high school and college I mostly concentrated on my schoolwork, but would write whenever I could. I ‘finished’ the book in 2002 and sent it out to many publishers. As with most authors, I got a number of form rejection letters. The fact that a few of the publishers wrote helpful notes or that they liked the work but it wasn’t quite for them was of little consolation. I was fortunate that this was about the time that Print On Demand (POD) publishing was starting to become available. Print On Demand companies changed the traditional publishing model by allowing all work into the marketplace, and letting the market determine what would be successful rather than having editors determine what would sell. This made a lot of sense to me, given the fact that many books are printed, shipped to stores, sit unsold on shelves, and then have their covers ripped off and sent back as proof that the books were never sold. The whole process is terribly wasteful.”

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