Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Right to Kill A Brooklyn Tale

In his debut iUniverse novel “Right to Kill: A Brooklyn Tale”, Jim McGinty paints a picture of New York in the 60’s.

Jim McGinty is well positioned to write a novel based in Brooklyn, as he grew up there, plus he personally experienced the social turmoil of the late 1960s from the battle front to the home front. In his first work of fiction, “Right to Kill A Brooklyn Tale”, the author provides a new point of view about the people who lived through this difficult period.

“Drawing from his own life experiences, Jim McGinty has artfully created an excellent debut novel,” said Alan Bower, director of Channel Book Sales at Author Solutions, Inc. “We are proud to name ‘Right To Kill’ as an iUniverse Rising Star.”
“Right to Kill: A Brooklyn Tale” is about a Marine Lieutenant’s noble journey gone badly, and the epic moral struggle that ensues. It features street-smart characters, loyalty, romance, gritty combat, murder and a touch of humor. The novel appeals to a broad spectrum of audiences, including New Yorkers, Vietnam Veterans, Marines and historical fiction buffs.”

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