Friday, September 6, 2013

iUniverse Book Publishing on YouTube

iUniverse Book Publishing says in the past few years, the popularity of YouTube has grown enormously. It is now the 4th most visited internet site having 22.25% of all internet users visiting, with 2 billion videos viewed daily. This means that a video posted on the site has incredible marketing reach and potential. Originally, the site was used purely for entertainment purposes, but now it hosts countless videos across a huge range of subjects. There are tremendous benefits to leveraging YouTube views in your own book marketing.

YouTube videos have become a marketing tool for millions across the globe. A high quality video can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website. When you post a video, it will be high up Google’s and every other search engine’s results which make this great for book marketing. The potential benefits of using YouTube include:

youtube-iconiUniverse Book Publishing reminds you it’s Free

Unlike the many other types of marketing available, YouTube is free: to create an account, to create your own channel, and to upload your videos. It is also free for people to watch the videos. Lots of advertising media are expensive, but the YouTube edge is you can upload as many videos as you want for no cost. You don’t even have to be a professional; you can use simple tools such as a hand held camera and the editing tools provided by YouTube

youtube-iconYouTube has global reach

When it comes to marketing, you get to take it globally which means you take your website and other social media platforms to another level. The videos posted on the site can be viewed by people across the globe.

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