Tuesday, October 22, 2013

iUniverse Publishing’s real Hollywood Housewife

iUniverse Publishing recently contacted author, Betty Marvin, the first wife of movie star Lee Marvin, to ask if she knew why the sales of her memoir, Tales of a Hollywood Housewife, have suddenly leapt in the last month. This is a very, very enjoyable memoir packed with firsthand experiences of living and mixing with the big movie stars of the era juxtaposed with the author’s personal difficulties and subsequent triumphs; nonetheless, why the sales jump? This is what Betty replied:

iUniverse hears from Betty Marvin

“My memoir, Tales of a Hollywood Housewife, came out about two years ago and I’m stunned, not to mention pleased, that people are still interested in my story. This was confirmed when iUniverse contacted me to ask why I thought sales have recently increased dramatically.

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