Thursday, February 7, 2013

iUniverse Author Terry Hawkins Closes Traditional Pub Deal

Source: iUniverse Author Focus

A perfect poster girl for her self-help book Why Wait to Be Great? It’s Either Now or Too Late!, iUniverse author Terry Hawkins secures a traditional publisher deal with San Francisco, California-based publishing company Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

The Australian author, also an award-winning speaker, talks about her transition from self-publishing to traditional publishing in a video interview produced by the iUniverse Open Book Editions, a partnership between iUniverse and Berrett-Koehler. Her achievements prove that independent publishing can be a smart stepping stone to attracting traditional publishers.

Berrett-Koehler president Steve Piersanti reportedly expressed his admiration for Terry. “As a speaker, Terry Hawkins is absolutely spectacular. She mesmerizes and inspires crowds on the business lecture circuit, and has brilliantly taken that energy, passion and wisdom and put it into a wonderful book. ‘Why Wait to Be Great’ fits perfectly within Berrett-Koehler’s mission, and we are thrilled to have her,” he noted.

It would seem impossible that she has had more than her fair share of misfortunes, as she revealed on her blog.

“…as I was growing up that I was jinxed. Sexual abuse at 4, then again from 5-9 by my music teacher, poverty, being severely pigeon toed, a disfiguring skin virus from 5-17, savage beatings, the death of my father, caregiver for my siblings, depression at 16, eating disorders, drinking issues, attempted suicide in my late teens, sexual harassment in my early career… I couldn’t understand how life could be so cruel as to give me far more than I thought was my fair share of life’s challenges. I fought against the pain in my heart and the confusion in my head for many years. I defined myself by these events and felt worthless for a good part of my life – resulting in an abysmal self-esteem and self-image. But I knew how to work hard and I simply loved helping people.”

An interview with Expat Women, the largest global website for overseas working women, also features Terry and her achievements.

Below is an introduction of Terry’s interview.

Terry Hawkins

Managing Director & International Speaker, Terry Hawkins Enterprizes; and
Owner, People In Progress

Twenty-two years ago, Terry Hawkins lost her job when her employer went into liquidation. With her self-esteem at an all-time low, Terry refused to play the victim. She picked herself up and found a new job. Then not long after, she started her own training company, People In Progress, despite having only $167 to her name.

Today, People In Progress is a multi-million dollar business, servicing the who’s-who of businesses in both Australia and overseas. Having personally delivered training sessions to hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, Terry is considered an expert in her field and is now able to command $15,000+ for keynotes.

In 2010, Terry was honored by the National Speaker’s Association of Australia (NSAA) with the 2010 Educator Award for Excellence. The following year, she moved with her two sons to Los Angeles, United States, to further expand her thriving business and speaking career.

Read more of the interview here.

iUniverse Author Focus congratulates Terry Hawkins and wishes her well in all her future endeavours! We at iUniverse Publishing is proud to have her in our author community. Read more about Terry in her author feature article at the iUniverse Blog. For writing, editing, and book marketing tips, visit the iUniverse Writer’s Tips.


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