Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Advantages of Writing Your Own Memoir

Memoirs make up a large proportion of self-published books. Part of the reason for this is that unless you are a celebrity or have lived a particularly extraordinary life, it is very difficult to get a traditional publisher enthused, no matter how well written it might be. Their concern is that a personal story will have limited marketability.

Breaking the Traditional Publishing Barrier

Through self-publishing, writers now have the option to see their stories printed regardless of the limited market for their work. Today's print-on-demand technology enables self-published authors to print even just a single copy of their book and negates the problem of unsold inventory as their books get printed only upon purchase.

Now, readers become the ultimate judge of your book and not the publishing houses.

Why Write Your Memoir?

There are many reasons why people write their memoirs. Some want to leave a family legacy; others, to impart their life’s wisdom; while another may be writing for themselves as a form of self-discovery or catharsis.

Five Things to Remember When Writing Your Memoir

Here are five main points to remember when you embark on your own memoir writing journey, once you have decided to take one.
1. Prepare a timeline and record the events that affected what path your life’s journey has taken.
2. Uncover emotional milestones and turning points which have shaped your life and beliefs.
3. Figure out a running theme that attaches the whole story together.
4. Avoid starting at the beginning. Provide a chronological history of your life is not writing a memoir.
5. Begin writing. Fix a daily target for yourself and pour your emotions onto the page until you have said everything you wish to say so a reader will truly experience your life.

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