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iUniverse Highlights your Character Heroines

Throughout history there have been female characters that have been immortalized in books for their deeds of courage and spirit; their cruelty and deception; and just being a normal school girl. But what are the traits of these heroines we so loved to read about as a child and still do as adults? iUniverse highlights a few of the female characteristics that can help you build your next books heroine.

Mission Totally Possible – The Crusader

This lady may not be built like an athlete but she is a dedicated fighter in mind and body and when pushed will rush headfirst through whatever is in her way. Headstrong as she commits to everything she does. Our Crusader is certainly not a wall flower or a damsel in distress. But below that exterior can hold a heart of gold for a good cause.

The pluckykid heroine

The plucky kid. The heroine of many adventures.

Always loyal – The Plucky kid

This feminine heroine is a clear favorite of many authors for a good many years. Her loyalty, practicality and guts make her a perfect friend to your other characters, and everyone wants her to win through. She is not interested in being top dog, just to be left alone in her little corner of life. But if you are looking for buddy to have an adventure with, then this is the girl.

We can endure – The Urchin

The perfect damsel in distress and will bend whichever way the wind blows. Even though this girl has the look of a total innocent don’t be fooled too soon. Her willpower and her strength to endure come through to the fore when challenged. Even the most hardened villain can be swayed by this little lady.

The Female Boss

The woman on top.

A supreme being – The Boss

The ladder of success leads no where else but straight to the highest peak on her agenda, no matter who is on the next rung. This shrewd lady accepts nothing but respect from underlings and whoever else she sees as an inferior. A go-getting, take charge woman who has her eye on the top spot.

Shhh! Quiet… – The Librarian

Someone you probably don’t see as you walk through a library. She is dressed in the most basic of clothes, blending into the background with her subdued colors. Beneath this dreary exterior is a clever, controlled and passionate woman. The librarian controls her every action in public, showing her shy side, but once away from prying eye, the lights are down and the heart beats are banging.

An optimistic outlook – The Carer

This heroine should be included in all great family stories. She is the one person the family looks too when in need. Seen as capable, calm and totally optimistic, so if you have a problem she makes a great listener. Always looks happy whatever she is doing and has a spirit that others flock to.

The Seducer

Be aware, be very aware of the Seducer.

All beware – The Seducer

This anti-heroine is totally manipulative and mysterious and loves to get her way, no matter what. Her eyes roam the room as she enters sizing up everyone there, men and her opposition, the women. She will enchant you with her skills and hides her distrust of everything and everyone. This femme fatale will do her best to come out on top and do whatever necessary to get there.

Whenever, wherever – The Free Spirit

Our free spirit heroine is a fun-loving and playful character that dances to her own tune. An optimist by nature, as she follows what is in her heart, not thoughts spiraling through her head. Takes time to look at life as it passes her by with a smile and jump. This lady goes through adventures with good thoughts for everything and everyone.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the iUniverse Highlights your Character Heroine. Whichever character you devise for your book make sure she is believable to your readers and you will have a memorable female that will be added to the great many already loved by readers.

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