Thursday, May 23, 2013

iUniverse considers Options for Writing Full-Time – Part 1

iUniverse Considering writing full-time?
In this the first article in our two part series, iUniverse considers Options for Writing Full-Time, we mull over different areas you should think over before making that final decision.

iUniverse Publishing understands that for many writing comes an extension of their personal lives. They may want to document what they felt over a life-changing experience, to highlight their time as an international sports personality, or maybe to produce a child’s book that came from an idea when their own kids were young. Whatever it was their final goal is to have it published and hopefully make money.

This creative process of writing can start as a hobby which eventually comes to fruition, never another book written. To the fully fledged writer it is an ongoing world of creativity and realizing their dream of having a #1 ranking in their genre. But writing in your spare time over a long period and putting yourself out there marketing, takes a huge amount of time spent away from family and friends. Add to this your day job and you end up with precious little left for anything else.

Then again, you may be in the position to ask yourself this question… “I have a published book; I’m making a reasonable living out of it; should I write full-time and give up my day job?”

Is this a realistic choice for a writer? The risks involved in giving up a good job for what many consider a hobby, could take you on a whirlwind of tours, TV and movie contracts or a down-spiral to debt and oblivion.

Paying the bills and keeping the head above water is a constant reminder of how much we need money. So let’s look at some things to consider when thinking about becoming a full-time writer and self-published author.

Your lifestyle

Does your way of life allow you to have lots of spare time or is it crammed with a spouse and kids, golf or yoga, going to the pub with your mates, and visiting your grandmother on Sundays. Yes of course it does, for many it’s the normal way of life.

iUniverse lifestyle changes for writing full-time.
iUniverse examines the lifestyle changes you have to consider when writing full-time.

Or does your lifestyle allow you to sit on a beach selling handmade crafts to tourists or teaching them to scuba dive? Then life is slower, more time for the better things such as writing your traveling memoirs. Yes money is still important, but the time line can be a lot easier and longer giving you space to complete your manuscript and publish.

Whichever way you look at it your job can be a big factor in your choice. If you sit at a computer all day keying in data, emailing, writing for a newspaper will probably give you less enthusiasm for writing when you get home. Then again a sports instructor who does physical exercise all day long will probably welcome a few hours on their laptop.

iUniverse Writer’s Tips hopes you enjoyed the first article in our two part series, iUniverse considers Options for Writing Full-Time. In the second we look at how long it will take, considering your options and your final decision.

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