Friday, May 24, 2013

iUniverse considers Options for Writing Full-Time – Part 2

iUniverse asks is writing full-time an alternative to your day job?
Our first iUniverse article, iUniverse considers Options for Writing Full-Time – Part 1 we introduced you to the idea of giving up your full-time day job and take up writing as a profession. We also shared some thoughts on whether you had a viable lifestyle that fits in with your change of life. In this the second article in our series, we mull over different areas you should think over before making that final decision.

How long will it take?

Writing in your spare time is a good option for most, keeping a job ticking along waiting for stardom. But you still need a deadline. A book can take you ten years if you don’t watch out. So plan your daily, weekly and monthly writing and publishing life. Remember if you were to give up your job and become a full-time writer you should put yourself in the clock-in and clock-out mode. Being in a full-time writing profession does not mean that your daily obligations to you, your family and lifestyle must change, but it should be carefully monitored to be sure you don’t get into difficulties. Money will not instantly pour through the letterbox if you don’t get the next book to the publishers in time and out into the marketplace.

iUniverse queries have you considered all your options?

Writing takes time. Book marketing can be totally time consuming. Getting your book out to the reading public demands a lot of dedication and thought. Now you may be lucky and have a hit with your first book. But giving up your day job for what could be a one-off hit may not be sensible. So think out your personal and financial situation carefully. An option to think about is having a PR service or consultant in your corner, to take the burden off you for marketing and promoting.

iUniverse Making the right decisions is crucial for writing full-time
iUniverse says even in writing there are many crossroads.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

There are many self-published authors out there enjoying the limelight of being published and they still hold their day jobs. Of course their life revolves around writing and marketing, but this is a choice. The lucky few in this world who have stardom beyond us mere mortals, probably still crave for those easier days of just popping to the desk and knocking off a few paragraphs. Part-time or Full-time does not matter, just consider your options and become the best you can and the light of the reading world will shine on you.

iUniverse Writer’s Tips hopes you enjoyed the second and final article in our series, iUniverse considers Options for Writing Full-Time – Part 2. We are sure you have had the same thoughts we have discussed here in this series and we hope that whatever decision you make, it will be an adventure not to be forgotten. iUniverse publishing, our team and services are here to help.

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