Monday, May 27, 2013

iUniverse on the Traits of a Self-Published Author – Part 2

This the second article in our two part series, iUniverse on the Traits of a Self-Published Author – Part 2, brings to lights further personality traits a self-published author should have within his box of tricks. In Part 1, we asked you if you had the passion and a positive outlook, now we see if you have the curiosity, patience and determination to bring it all together.

Being curious about self-publishing is a must

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat

Going down the self-publishing road is for many a new adventure. Whether you undertake everything yourself or have the services of a self-publishing company to help you, make sure you research everything you can about this new venture.

Search and read as much as you can on the internet on subjects like: cover design and layout, how to present your book for e-book formatting, through to marketing and promotion. Writing takes time, but so does research. Learning a little about each part of the process will give you the added tools when it comes along to that procedure. Using a professional organization helps tremendously and with your added knowledge it will make life so much simpler. So be curious, and don’t kill the cat!

Patience and writing go together too create good self-publishing.

Patience is a virtue

As we mentioned, writing takes time. Editing and making your manuscript the best it can be is also time consuming. Then book marketing and promotion takes the lead position. The constant updates to Facebook and Twitter, attending book fairs and book signings. Patience is the key to all of these. It takes time for people to get to know your work, and you as an author. But one word of warning, never rush your book into the publishing arena without it being professional edited, this can be a disaster for any new or published writer. Readers are very quick to pick up on bad spelling and grammar. So be patient during the full production.

Be determined

Throughout history people have strived to do great things. You are no different than the greatest athlete or histories greatest generals and leaders. Jump the hurdle of bad reviews and low sales. Push on to a new story, a new book and you too will feel the adulation of the people. Having determination to become a self-published author will keep that thread of stardom firmly wrapped around finger.

So do you have the traits for becoming a self-published author? After reading both iUniverse on the Traits of a Self-Published Author editorials, we are sure you have most or all of them. We suggest you pin this article to somewhere prominent to remind you of the traits that are needed to become the best self-published author you can be. iUniverse, its team and services are here to help.

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