Sunday, May 26, 2013

iUniverse on the Traits of a Self-Published Author – Part 1

In this, the first in our two part series, iUniverse on the Traits of a Self-Published Author, we delve into some of the traits we think a writer should have and wants to throw this question out there to would-be authors:

iUniverse publishing asks “Do you have what it takes to be a self-published author?”

That’s probably a question many writers ask themselves once a day or more. Yes, you can write and yes you want to become a self-published author. Your story is fantastic, your editing skills are pretty good and you’ve also decided to have a trained team look it over. But you’re not so good at creative illustration or photography, but no problem here either. It can be designed by the professionals. And lastly, your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blog pages are already up and running and your pre-fan base is starting to come aboard.

As a writer you are constantly reading items on the newest best selling author and their habits and tips for hitting the high life. I’m sure hoping that you are already emulating them in your own writing sphere. Of course without a program they would have been languishing in the grey area of published but not yet famous. But deep inside you know that only you, and you alone, will make yourself successful (of course with a little help from the professionals).

Self-publishing, like any other creative thing, needs a commitment from you to achieve your goal. The question remains to be answered – “Do I have the personality traits to make that commitment?” Well let’s look at a few of them.

iUniverse asks do you have the passion to be a self-published author?
In any activity whether it’s academics, sports or writing, having the passion for something makes it so much easier and things seem to flow more naturally.

But this is just one of the slices of passion that you need. Life creates its own passion and you should grasp it when you can, creating your own success in the smallest of ways and facing challenges that seem unconquerable when it rears its ugly head. If you have these in your pocket then passion for being successful as a writer is within your grasp.

iUniverse asks are you a positive person?

This is a difficult question to answer as people are positive and negative in different ways. We all have experienced disappointments in our lives but when it comes to keeping your chin up after a couple of bad reviews or your book not selling on Amazon, then it feels like you have been kicked in the stomach. But do you think F. Scott Fitzgerald and George Orwell felt the same? Of course they did, as a matter of fact an editor once told Fitzgerald -

“You’d have a decent book if you’d get rid of that Gatsby character”

and Orwell was rejected with the comment -

“It’s impossible to sell animal stories in the USA.”

iUniverse asks are you a positive self-published author?

Whenever you feel down about your writing or you receive a not so good review, take it on the chin as they say. Any review is better than none at all. Sitting on the sofa becoming a coach potato or sliding around a stool at your local drowning your sorrows will not help. Just remember Mr. Fitzgerald and Mr. Orwell.

So do you have the traits for becoming a self-published author? After reading the above we are sure you have most or all of them. We suggest you pin this article to somewhere prominent to remind you of the traits that are needed to become the best self-published author you can be.

Look for the next article in the series, iUniverse on the Traits of a Self-Published Author – Part 2, where we highlight other traits a self-published author should have in his box of tricks: curiosity, patience, and determination.

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