Saturday, May 11, 2013

Staying Productive the iUniverse Way

iUniverse carries on its series of articles that hopefully inspires the writers and self-published authors out there. The writing process is exactly that, a process. Blood, sweat and tears are shed with every published book. Ask any writer/author and they will tell you how difficult it is sometimes to motive themselves and keep productive. But understanding productivity hazards can help towards making the end result a lot smoother.

With this article iUniverse Publishing is sending a positive shield to counter these hazards with some suggestions to make your manuscript curl with delight.

Keep yourself clear and productive No clarity: If you have no idea of where you’re going with your story, it’s nigh impossible to measure any progress and set any future goals.

No short-term goals: Developing a daily, weekly and monthly goal will keep you balanced and will point you in the right direction. Make sure these goals include practical matters as well as your ambitions.

Being scared: With any new venture there is always the feeling of apprehension and fear. You may be the most positive person you know, but the idea of failing will still be there, and that’s good. This fear gives us the push and the will to succeed.

Pushing too hard: As an author you are aware that your best writing is produced when you have found your flow. Trying to force words, sentences and paragraphs will not do it for you. Eventually you will become despondent with the results.

Keeping tidy: We all know that writing fiction or non-fiction can create a lot of research. Added to this the countless drafts you may create while editing. If you have problems with your working system then you are creating extra work for yourself.

Keeping an eye on time: Without a writing schedule to work to, how can you really understand how much time you are devoting to your book? If you’re not maximizing this commodity correctly, then you are wasting a lot of precious time that can be devoted to other things in your life.

Keep it simple and productive. Keep it simple: We are creatures of habit and writing is no different. Keep to the same procedure as much as possible for your writing period. Create these small intricacies that will make your writing session easier to pick up where you left off.

No one is perfect: Understanding that you will make mistakes along the way is a great way to alleviate your worry. If you try and make your manuscript perfection, it will end up in tears. Put your focus towards learning from what you are doing and if a mistake or problem appears, just go with the flow.

Friends, Family and Community: To keep yourself level and to soundboard ideas you need to make sure you keep a grip on the people around you. Working out a complex plot can be made easier with the help of online author friends, who will also give you back-up when you get despondent and discouraged.

Keeping positive: When the going is good it’s a fantastic feeling. So don’t focus on negative issues with your writing and personal life. If you get into a slump, take yourself out of the picture and do something else for a while until your spirit jumps back into the fore.

We hope that the suggestions above will give you inspiring ideas how to focus on the positive and forget about the negatives. Joining your iUniverse fellow authors online will give you the added support you need. iUniverse, its team and services are here to help.

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