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iUniverse outlines Bankable Non-Fiction Genres

iUniverse bankable genre

iUniverse outlines some bankable non-fiction book genre

Here at iUniverse we know that everyone has a story inside them, true or total fiction. Whichever it is, we would all love to put it into print and have others read our thoughts, fantasies or real-life experiences. As a writer you need to decide why you are writing. Is it personal or profit?

iUniverse publishing is aware that the everyday fiction reader is pulled in various directions as they choose what to do with their free time. The novel in their hands is competing against other books to read or magazines to flip through, and even a movie or watching TV.

On the other hand non-fiction draws readers in a different way. Each non-fiction book is totally distinctive, appealing to different target markets, and people purchase because of the time and money it may save them or the subject is of common interest. Because of this it should be easier to persuade a reader in your market to buy than a novel.

So let’s look at a few ideas for non-fiction that can be enjoyable to write, especially if you have a passion for the subject, and that hopefully will put some money in your pocket.

iUniverse cookbook

iUniverse says sales from cookbooks can be very tasty

It seems that people are spending more time eating out; a substantial amount of their monthly food bill is depleted sitting in a fast food area or restaurant. But these same people are fixating about cooking and funnily enough buying more cookbooks… strange or what!

With a larger range of new cookbooks being published annually, this tells us that Mr. and Mrs. Smith are reading more about cooking than actually preparing food. And when they do cook at home, they want to prepare it the best they can, hence the high percentage of purchases in this genre.

Travel books

iUniverse faraway skies

iUniverse says writing on your travels can be profitable fun

If you are a grand traveler, within your own country or internationally, this is a great way to have fun when you’re writing. Not only do you get to have adventures in new places but hopefully you get paid for telling people about it. Most travel books are written by part-time writers. They use their income from their sales to supplement a new journey to far-flung countries. So if you haven’t thought about it already, pack a note book along with your swimwear and camera.

Religious and Spirituality Books

iUniverse Spiritual Books

iUniverse says spiritual books can be best sellers

This genre is quite uncomplicated to sell. Many people are looking for guidance or a new path in their lives. So a book that gives them this will certainly be well-liked. Author Deepak Chopra was originally a self-published author. To date he has sold 20 million copies of his spiritual guidance books.

These are just a few genre, but there are many- from personal memoirs to self-help and business to guides and how-to books. We hope this iUniverse Writer’s Tips article has given you some ideas if you decide to self-publish a non-fiction book. But be careful on the subject matter. If it’s1950 British Locomotives or Florida mangroves butterflies , then your audience will be very small and that won’t fill your pockets. Then again it might give you a following and confirm you as an expert in that field, which could also bring its own rewards.

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