Wednesday, June 5, 2013

iUniverse Author Justin Treece-How to Write and Market a Trilogy

iUniverse Author Justin Treece Yesterday iUniverse author Justin Treece revealed the inspirations behind his writing and debut novel Minion. Today he concludes his two part iUniverse Blog series by talking about how Minion became part of a trilogy and how he plans to release and market each part of his triumvirate.
By Justin Treece

“I started outlining Minion (originally titled The Collector) in the fall of 2007. The story has gone through several evolutions.

The finished product took two years while I worked full-time at a well-established regional theater. During long nights of rehearsals, I would get a lot of work done. It was great.

While I wrote, I could listen to spectacular talent performing well-written plays.

I owe any success in my dialogue to those days in the theater. I really think it rubbed off on me.

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