Thursday, June 20, 2013

iUniverse Author Patricia A. Gray

iUniverse author Patricia A. Gray
iUniverse blog recently spoke with one of our most active authors, Patricia A. Gray who self-published her sixth novel, “Ash Man” with us last year. Patricia here shares her thoughts on self-publishing and what keeps her motivated to keep writing.

Being a real author

“You know, I just like to write. A few years ago I published my first novel with iUniverse and at the time it was merely a “frame” for my work. I wanted to see my words in book form like a “real” author. Now having completed my sixth novel and editing my seventh soon to come, I am realizing that I’m not alone in my self-publishing world and it’s good to see how this new form of publishing has taken off. I suppose it’s not so new, now, but I like to think it hadn’t been around that long when I finished my first novel, “The Loner”. I can’t say enough about how the ability to print on demand and market to a world-wide audience has improved things for the little guy.”

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