Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tales of a Hollywood Housewife

iUniverse “Tales of a Hollywood Housewife”, written by self-published author and wife of Lee Marvin, Betty Marvin, is about Betty’s life in Hollywood, the stars she met and the racism and sexism in Hollywood in the 1940s. Betty ran away to Los Angeles at age sixteen. Her first job after college was as Joan Crawford’s nanny. Then, she met Lee Marvin.

According to the overview of “Tales of a Hollywood Housewife”:

“After a whirlwind courtship and a trip to Las Vegas, Betty and Lee are married. In this unique memoir, both hilarious and touching, we follow Betty as she creates a family with Lee, and is by his side as he works with Marlon Brando, John Wayne and a host of other stars. She is the ultimate hostess and Hollywood housewife. Nobody knew what was really going on at home – until, unable to take Lee’s womanizing, drinking and abuse, Betty leaves him and strikes out on her own. What follows are adventures that could only be Betty Marvin’s; from the building of her career as an artist. To a love affair with an Italian king, to dire straits as investment con artists leave Betty suddenly homeless. After years of the Hollywood life, Betty is left with only her car, her dog and her typewriter. Forced to employ all of her skills to survive, she comes out on top. This is the story of a woman who finds the real riches that come with learning the value of a joyful life.”

iUniverse publishing “Tales of a Hollywood Housewife” received an excellent review from the BlueInk Review, from which we have included an excerpt her.

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