Monday, June 10, 2013

iUniverse Guide on How To Get Your Blurbs Together

It is never too early to get feedback on your manuscript. By the time it has been published, several people might have already read, edited, and commented on it. Hopefully, the feedback was constructive and positive. Once you have submitted the draft for publishing, it is time for you to find readers who will happily write a review for you.

iUniverse dares you to face the music and dance with it. Although it is intimidating, putting yourself out there for criticism is part of being an author. Big names send Author Reading Copies, commonly known as ARCs, to famous reviewers and publications before the final edit. These early copies are potentially full of errors. If they can endure the possible humiliation of getting bad reviews and learn from them, so can you.

The goal is to secure as many positive reviews of your book as possible, and the more authoritative the source, the better.

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