Tuesday, June 4, 2013

iUniverse Teaches You How to Use Facebook Like a Pro

How to use Facebook What are you doing to make your Facebook page attractive and interactive? Are you having fun with it? Do your posts offer something more than buy now information? Here are some expert tips to get you going in the right direction. iUniverse Publishing offers this advice to take your Facebook usage to the next level.
Be interesting! Being a bit provocative and edgy is the perfect tone for Facebook, and it gets attention. You are also more likely to get comments which will be seen in friends of friend’s news feed.
Learn the ins and outs of all the native features. Did you know that you can select a post to span two columns by hovering over it and clicking the star? In addition you can pin it by hovering over the post, clicking the icon and selecting “pin to top” This will keep your post at the top of your page for seven days to ensure maximum visibility.

Also, be sure your fan page has a link where your book is for sale. And of course have your website and blog address listed in your information.

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