Tuesday, June 4, 2013

iUniverse Advice: How To Start an Early PR for Your Book

Promoting Your Book
iUniverse Writer’s Tips says it’s never too early to spread the word about your book. Build up the excitement over your work at once, so it becomes even hotter off the press!

When Should You Start Promoting Your Book?

Just like everything else in life, timing is everything when preparing to release a book. The simple answer: it’s never too early to start your promotion campaign. If you want to sell books, it’s important to remember the time-worn truth: “it takes money to make money.” Or if you don’t have the money, I’d like to suggest “it takes time to make a dime.”

Either way you have to hire a company to take care of your publicity, or you have to take time to do it yourself. It is important that you set up a deliberate schedule, and are not scrambling to get going on promotions with a box of books sitting in the garage.

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