Wednesday, July 31, 2013

iUniverse author Robert W. Barker: Writing for the Soul

“Recently a book I had written, The Devil’s Chosen, was awarded the Eric Hoffer Award for Legacy Fiction. The Devil’s Chosen examines the context and process of decisions during the Holocaust. The book was first published by iUniverse in 2005, and other than being an Editor’s Choice selection by iUniverse, this award was the first significant and independent endorsement of the quality and potential importance of this book. As every author knows, writing can be a very lonely endeavor, and writing about the Holocaust can be lonelier still. The Holocaust is such a sensitive and difficult subject, charged with so many deep and fierce emotions and conflicts. I had no idea how anyone would receive The Devil’s Chosen. The response has in fact been almost universally favorable, though some people find the book quite difficult to read.”


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