Thursday, September 5, 2013

iUniverse Book Publishers adds Google+

iUniverse Book Publishers has recently been talking about using social media in book marketing and we have covered the three stalwarts of this modern day marketing phenomenon; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Now we turn to the new kid on the block- Google+. You may say that it’s much like the other social media, except there is one massive point of difference. Yes it’s part of the Google empire, therefore there are much, much greater ranking chances for your posts; so think of your Keywords. Now let’s look at what Google+ can do for you and your book.

Google+ iconiUniverse Book Publishers looks at Google+ Circles

You are able to segment your market by circle, which therefore gives you the ability to target your book by offer, geo-demographics, region etc. this is a big + over the other social media platforms.

Google+ iconGenerate posts and network

A great benefit of using Google+ is that posts have no maximum length enabling you to have an intro, format and use multimedia such as images and videos. Plus you can target posts at particular Circles. Also this means that you do not have to maintain a blog and do not lose out on search engine optimization.

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