Wednesday, September 11, 2013

iUniverse Rising Star author Rebecca Linam on self-publishing

In this final blog piece, iUniverse Rising Star author, Rebecca Linam, gives her views on self-publishing and iUniverse. Over to Rebecca:-

iUniverse author Rebecca Linam’s struggles to be noticed

“I first tried my luck with traditional publishers back in 1999. I had originally finished the novel in 1995 on my sixteenth birthday, and after several rounds of editing and rewriting, I sent it out to a publishing house with my very first query letter.

It came back with a form rejection letter.

So it went for years and years. Six novels later, I had run through just about every publisher in the business. Occasionally I’d get lucky and get a request from a publisher to send in the next few chapters or even my whole novel, but most of them said the same thing.

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