Thursday, September 12, 2013

iUniverse blog finding author passion for the LA Pitchfest

This was the reaction when the iUniverse author of The Embarrassing Memory Murderer, David Tieck first received his invitation to this year’s LA Pitchfest. He went on to say:

“When I was first told I was officially going to Pitchfest I could barely hold my enthusiasm. But it turned out that Pitchfest was even more amazing than even I had thought, because, as I was to learn, Pitchfest is all about the beautiful marriage between books and movies, and that’s oh so sweet.

It’s like the librarian, who can whip off the glasses, let down her hair and suddenly look sexy, is marrying the football star who secretly has a heart of gold-except instead of those two losers- it’s books and movies!

How can movies and books get married?’ I hear you ask; and that’s a valid question, with a complicated and yet thrilling answer, which we will get to, but first a few facts.”

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