Friday, October 25, 2013

iUniverse Tales of a Hollywood Housewife is a tour de force

Recently iUniverse reported on one of our books that had been hitting the heights in the Amazon bestsellers lists; Tales of a Hollywood Housewife: A Memoir by The First Mrs. Lee Marvin by Betty Marvin. Well the latest news is that it keeps on doing so!

Published in 2010, iUniverse Tales of a Hollywood Housewife seems to have had this deserved sales surge as another Lee Marvin biography, Lee Marvin: Point Blank by Dwayne Epstein was recently published using Betty for much of the source material. Added to this is the veryrecent rave review by KC in Classic Movies:-

“When I reviewed the marvelous Lee Marvin: Point Blank earlier this summer, I was especially charmed by the stories told about him by his first wife, Betty Marvin. She was the most important voice in the book, providing a clear-eyed, affectionately exasperated account of a man who had given her quite a ride.

Marvin had every right to be bitter, and she was, but she was also appreciative of the good aspects of their time together. I thought she was remarkably generous to her ex and I loved the way she expressed herself. She was tart, but loving. You don’t often see one source providing so much more information in a biography, but I could understand why Epstein chose to favor her voice. No one could tell the story better than her.

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