Tuesday, October 29, 2013

iUniverse author MK Sandoval has some real (estate) fun

iUniverse Blog was recently alerted to a blog post by Karen Randau about a new iUniverse author and her debut comic mystery, Cat House: Adventures of a Real Estate Madam. On reading we thought that it so good that we asked Karen if we could reproduce it on the iUniverse Blog and she very kindly agreed. So here it is:-

iUniverse author MK Sandoval on self-publishing

"Marsha Sandoval released her comedy mystery, Cat House: Adventures of a Real Estate Madam, in July 2013. Her character Niki Brooks is a luxury home real estate agent desperate to survive the Great Recession of 2008. She decides to think “outside the house” and reaches the conclusion that selling sex would offer a more steady income than selling foreclosed homes.

“I’ve been a real estate agent for 36 years,” Marsha said. “When the real estate industry imploded, things were scary and difficult. I heard about a real estate agent who had just served six months in a country club type jail for having a call girl business. I thought, ‘That’s how I can survive the recession.’”

Just to be clear, instead of starting a call girl business, Marsha wrote about starting one."

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