Monday, November 4, 2013

Dad Publishes with iUniverse to Obtain Justice

iUniverse Blog now takes a look at the man behind these kind words and the heartbreaking cause that lies behind the book.

Parents who fought 8 years for justice for their late daughter tell their story 

“I think Kirsty would have been proud of me”.
Those are the words of Chas Pearce, who has just published a book about his 17-year-old daughter who died at Basildon Hospital after a series of failings.

The devoted father, who lives in Pitsea, has spent eight years fighting for justice for Kirsty, who died in 2003.

The book, from iUniverse Publishing called Kirsty: A Father’s Fight for Justice, goes into depth about Chas and wife Peggy’s battle to get the doctors who looked after Kirsty on that fateful night to admit they did things wrong.

Kirsty, who had learning difficulties, died after doctors failed to realise the seriousness of her condition, and did not send her to the intensive care unit until it was too late.

In November last year an inquest finally took place and concluded failings in the care Kirsty received contributed to her death. Mr Pearce said:

“At first, the book just started as something for family and friends, so everyone would know what we had been through. But the story has got bigger and lots of people have become interested and want to know what happened to Kirsty.

It is a real relief to see the book in published form. Peggy and I are very pleased to have got to this point. We have used our favourite picture of Kirsty on the front cover of the book and I think she would have been really proud. She would have said ‘you kicked butt dad’.”

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