Wednesday, October 30, 2013

iUniverse remembers psychiatrist and author, William Glasser

iUniverse author William Glasser, the world-renowned psychiatrist who employed a nontraditional, somewhat controversial approach, sadly passed way August 23 last. He was 88.

William Glasser was the initiator of two very significant theorem. The Reality Therapy and the Choice Theory. These ideas, which focused on the individual in terms of personal choice, responsibility and personal transformation, were considered controversial by the mainstream profession.

Glasser deviated from conventional psychiatrists by warning the general public about the potential detriments caused by the profession of psychiatry in its traditional form, because of its overriding propensity to diagnose a patient with a mental illness and then prescribe medications to treat that particular illness when, in fact, the patient may have been behaving in that way because they were extremely unhappy,which is not necessarily a psychiatric disorder. Significantly Glasser also applied his theories to much broader social issues, such as education and marriage, to name but two.

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